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2021 FAQ's, Costs, Schedule


Question:       What is the 2021 Summer cost? 

Answer:          BOYS TEAMS:  10U: $495; 12U & 14U: $975, High School: $750

                          ALL GIRLS TEAMS:  $750                

                       A new uniform is $100 (only required for new players). Single replacement items can also be ordered
                       (jersey = $60; shorts/skort = $40) if you've misplaced or have outgrown an item.  
                       **A 'complete' BSLax uniform is required to play in tournaments (2 pieces)**

                             --- Team Pricing includes all online processing fees and payments can be on a payment plan ---

Question:        What tournaments will Black Swamp play in?
Answer:          *Tentative based on pandemic and subject to change. We are working to attend tournaments closer to home*

Boys HS Team:

Midwest Prime (Lebanon, OH )                            6/12 &6/13

Cedar Point LAX Classic (Sandusky, OH)        6/19 & 6/20

King of Queens (Cincinatti, OH)                          6/26 & 6/27

Boys U14

Laxbash (Oxford, MI)                                              6/6

Midwest Prime (Lebanon, OH )                         6/12 & 6/13

Cedar Point LAX Classic (Sandusky, OH)     6/19 & 6/20

King of Queens (Cincinatti, OH)                        6/26 & 6/27


Boys U12

Laxbash (Oxford, MI)                                                 6/5

Midwest Prime (Lebanon, OH )                            6/12 & 6/13

Cedar Point LAX Classic (Sandusky, OH)        6/19 & 6/20

King of Queens (Cincinatti, OH)                          6/26 & 6/27


All Girls:
Meijer Games (Allendale, MI)                             6/19 & 6/20
Pipe City (Vernon Hills, IL)                                    7/10 & 7/11

Ohio Lacrosse Festival (Columbus,OH)       7/17 & 7/18














Question:      How often does Black Swamp practice?
Answer:          Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8 p.m

Question:        Do you offer a payment plan?

Question:         What did Black Swamp deliver in 2020 to its players and parents?
          Please see Why Black Swamp? page

Question:        How is playing time handled?
         Playing time is earned by attending practices, working hard and a commitment to the team.

Question:        Where does Black Swamp practice?
Answer:          We have practice fields in Perrysburg.

Question:        When does the Black Swamp season start?
Answer:           We will start practices once the regular Spring season is done and this is typically end of May.

Question:         How often does Black Swamp practice?
Answer:           Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6-8 p.m.(subject to change)

Question:         Where can I get more information about Black Swamp?
Answer:            Website:
                         Girls Twitter:   @LadyBlackSwamp
                         Boys Twitter:   @BlckSwmpLax

Question:         What is Black Swamps Refund Policy? 
Answer:           Please review our policy here.